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Bookings mail actions

If you have the pro version of the booking extension, you can add mail actions to your booking request emails. The mail actions can be executed with a simple link-click.

  • Accepted: Click on this link to confirm the booking. This means that the booking receives the accepted status and blocks further bookings during this period.
  • Rejected: Click on this link to reject the booking.

Set up mail actions

  1. Create a page that is invisible in the menu in the page tree.
  2. Place a Booking object plugin on it.
  3. If speaking URLs are enabled you can use the page ID of the page you have just created in the limitToPages setting. This prevents conflicts in URL resolution.
        type: Extbase
        extension: Bookings
        plugin: BookingObject
        limitToPages: [20]
  4. You also need to set this page ID in the themes.configuration.pages.bookings.actionTypoScript constant so that the appropriate action links can be generated for booking.
  5. The email templates in the EXT:bookings/Resources/Private/Templates/Email/ directory can be overwritten and adapted like normal Fluid templates.