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Customizing the Advent Calendar theme

The advent calendar themes are in the typo3conf/ext/adventskalender/Resources/Public/Themes/ directory. To adapt an existing theme to your needs, perform the following steps:

  1. Copy the wholetypo3conf/ext/adventskalender/Resources/Public/Themes/ directory to the place where you keep your templates, e.g. in the fileadmin directory: fileadmin/Adventskalender/Themes/.
  2. Next, the advent calendar will need to know that the themes have moved to a different directory. Use a TypoScript constant to do this, as follows:
    plugin.tx_adventskalender.settings.themeRootPath = fileadmin/Adventskalender/Themes/
  3. The advent calendar will now use the copy of the themes and you can customize them as you wish.