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TYPO3 Address Manager

The extension for managing and organizing addresses and people records in TYPO3 and mapping them onto Google Maps!

Are you looking for a TYPO3 extension to manage your employees, branches, locations or similar data so that you can display them on your website?

Our extension TYPO3 Address Manager offers you exactly this function and goes beyond the usual scope of TYPO3 tt_address.

TYPO3 Address Manager as a people directory / database or employee directory

Completely customisable, with up to 3 categories

The TYPO3 Address Manager extends your TYPO3 instance by adding a unique "Address" record type which can be populated with up to 3 categories in addition to your normal data. The extension can be used to create a people directory / database or employee directory. The TYPO3 Address Manager can also be used to create a branch finder or location overview.

Wide range of data fields to meet every requirement

Employees, participants, sponsors, speakers, branches, locations, etc, etc ...

Integrating Google Maps and our included display alternatives allows you to choose between list display, Google Maps display or detail display. These display modes can also be combined. The Pro version of the extension includes a radius search in addition to simple search. Look on our product page to find a detailed overview and a comparison between the Community Edition and the Pro Version.


Geo data can be added to the addresses, which then map the data onto a Google Maps based map. The following fields are available as geo data:

  • Latitude - simple input field
  • Longitude - simple input field
  • Map zoom - preset dropdown
  • Geo-Location Wizard - field for automatic conversion of addresses to longitude and latitude
  • Map marker - dropdown to select predefined marker representations
  • Map Link - simple input field
  • Map Tooltip - simple input field
  • Directions - rich text field
  • Opening hours - Mon-Sun, opens and closes dropdown fields


The following data fields are available for mapping your data:

  • Gender - simple input field
  • Title - simple input field
  • Name - simple input field
  • First name - simple input field
  • Middle name - simple input field
  • Last name - simple input field
  • Email - simple input field
  • www - simple input field
  • Birthday - date field
  • Company - simple input field
  • Room - simple input field
  • Building - simple input field
  • Address - simple input field
  • Zip code - simple input field
  • City - simple input field
  • Region - simple input field
  • Country - simple input field
  • Phone - simple input field
  • Fax - simple input field
  • Cell phone - simple input field
  • Facebook - simple input field
  • Instagram - simple input field
  • Twitter - simple input field
  • Description - rich text field

100% TYPO3

According to strict TYPO3 coding guidelines

The extension is compatible with TYPO3 version 9 and TYPO3 version 10. Developed according to strict TYPO3 coding guidelines, based on ExtBase and Fluid templates, the extension is fully multilingual.

The Fluid templates are delivered as Bootstrap3 and Bootstrap4 versions so the look and feel of the output can be customized using modern standards.


Your TYPO3 agency in Muenster has been specializing in TYPO3 for over 10 years and, in addition to the TYPO3 Address Manager, has also developed other popular extensions for TYPO3.

These include, among others, an interface for the advertisements API of for the implementation of vehicle search, as well as an Openimmo interface that creates compatibility between TYPO3 and Immomio, Estate-Smart, onOffice, Lagler, immotion(R), Flowfact, Aaeron ImmoBlue Plus, Expose 9/10/x, ImmoSolve CENTRAL, immoware24, WIB24 and many more.

Numerous extensions created by can be found in the TYPO3 extension directory or in our general overview and are constantly maintained and developed. Also, is always available for support requests. Let make your ideas for extensions into reality!