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First steps

Page setup

  1. Create a page, set the Behaviour -> Use as Root Page checkbox and enable this page.
  2. Create a new TypoScriptRoot-Template on this page.

    1. Enter a title like TYPO3-CRM
    2. Remove the auto generated Setup TypoScript
    3. Include the static template CRM (crm)

Setting the data storage uid

Because TYPO3 saves all his records always related to a page uid, you need to announce the data storage uid. Open the extension manager and edit the CRM extension settings. Insert the page uid of your CRM-Page within the Record-Container field.

Create a default office record

First of all, you need to create a default office record, which will represent your company. Navigate the List module and create such a record on your CRM-Page. It's important to mark at least one office as default office!

Create CRM user

Now you're able to create CRM user. But first of all, you'll need a main user group which must be assigned to all user. Create a new group... allow the CRM page!!

Create a user group with name crm. In this group you have to assign the main module and

Hinweis auf authorization.md Hinweis das mit beuser_fastswitch gut getestet werden kann

Give access to the CRM page

Open the Access module, set the main user group as owner of your CRM page and save this setting. This is absolutely required, otherwise non of your users is able to save records on the page!

Create states for your records

Create at least one state record of each state types.


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